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The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Brickell Key Miami

July 27, 2017
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The most important thing you need to know about Brickell Key Miami is that it is a modern luxury urban neighborhood. The Brickell Key location is a combination of waterfront luxury homes and condos with a city-like downtown. This merging of luxury and cityscape provides a unique living environment that has quickly become popular with young professionals and tourists alike. Living in Miami Brickell Key is getting the best of Miami in both nightlife and luxurious private waterfront homes.

Modern luxury

Miami Brickell Key is an excellent place for living a life of modern luxury. There are many waterfront home options with modern layouts and architecture that offer an elevated lifestyle with amenities and bonus features. A great example of Miami Brickell Key’s opportunity for modern luxury is this designer ready unit in the Brickell House residential building. The five bedroom unit has a completed kitchen but the rest of the unit is available to design to your liking. This Miami Brickell Key residence offers modern luxury through the wall of windows showcasing the cityscape below, the open layout throughout the living areas, and the unique flow between the levels.

Another more move in ready example of Miami Brickell Key’s modern luxury options is a five bedroom unit in the Jade Brickell residential building. This unit has stunning views of the waterfront in the main living areas as well as the master bedroom which is clearly modern and luxurious. The modern layout is a great display of a flow among the main living areas with secluded space for the master bedroom, office, and other guest rooms. Miami Brickell Key is right on the water and the high-rise water views are an amazing way to add some luxury to your lifestyle.

miami brickell key room

Urban living

In addition to Miami Brickell Key being an amazing place for modern luxury living, it’s also a prime location for urban living. The variety of residential buildings with condos for sale and rent means that Miami Brickell Key caters to all sorts of lifestyles, family sizes, and provides amenities beyond each unit. Echo Brickell is a residential building that is still in progress. This building is a magnificent addition to the neighborhood and offers modern luxury and urban living. Each unit has a private terrace, wide view of the bay, and overlooks the city.

These three condo options truly showcase the most important thing you need to know about Brickell Key Miami, that it is a modern luxury urban neighborhood, and this is visible in the luxury condos currently on the market.

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