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The Best Brickell Luxury Condos for Pet Owners

May 26, 2017
The Best Brickell Luxury Condos for Pet Owners 2

Being a pet owner in the city is a rewarding experience. Those looking to enjoy Brickell luxury condos while being a pet owner should look at Icon Brickell and consider the location in relation to outdoor spaces in addition to the specifics of the available units. Pets and pet owners alike thoroughly enjoy the urban setting, as well as the best Brickell luxury condos currently available.

Icon Brickell

One of the best buildings for living a luxurious lifestyle with a pet is Icon Brickell. Located along the Miami River at the edge of the Brickell neighborhood, this building has amazing luxury amenities and a pet policy to accommodate many breeds and pet varieties. Brickell has many luxury condos available on the current market, and this is one location that is pet friendly. Icon does have a pet policy listed on their website, but it’s a good idea to discuss their pet policy in depth to ensure your pet meets their requirements.

Outdoor space

Icon Brickell is located near the Miami River which means there’s plenty of walking trails to enjoy with your pet. Between the River Walk Trail and the Brickell Park Path, there are several blocks of walking paths to enjoy the view and the water while your dog gets some exercise. Because of this waterfront location, Icon Brickell is a few blocks away from the park or any significant green space, making it a good location for those with indoor pets, like cats, or smaller dogs that don’t require as much exercise as larger breeds. The Best Brickell Luxury Condos for Pet Owners

Pet-friendly units

Most of Icon’s Brickell luxury condos are pet friendly with their tile flooring and open layouts. Both one bedroom and two bedroom units have large windows for natural light as well as shady spaces to provide a cool spot for your pet to relax. A two bedroom, two bath Brickell luxury condo has an amazing view of the city. The master bedroom also has a great view for you and your pet to relax after a long day or to take in the view on a slow morning. The Best Brickell Luxury Condos for Pet Owners The master bathroom and guest bathroom both have ample room and storage for pet supplies or a litter box. The balcony could easily accommodate a potty station with room to soak up the sun and the view. 

Brickell is a great location for luxury condo living, and several residential buildings have a pet policy that covers the most popular pet options. From enjoying the company of a cat to an evening stroll with your canine companion, Icon Brickell has luxury condos that suit all your needs and elevate your lifestyle.

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