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Brickell Pre-Construction Has Changed The Face Of Miami

March 27, 2017
Brickell Pre-Construction - GP Miami

Brickell pre-construction has changed the face of Miami. What once was an emptying business sector, Brickell has become a buzzing urban neighborhood. The recent additions of buildings like Brickell City Centre, Brickell Heights, and Flatiron Brickell ensure that Brickell will continue as the vital engine of the city’s development. All the pre-construction and active projects have created a new destination, one that is very popular with millennials and others looking for an urban neighborhood, right down to the foot traffic. Brickell pre-construction has changed Miami in terms of creating a new neighborhood with pedestrian traffic and nightlife which quickly has become a popular destination for residents and tourists alike.

Brickell Pre-Construction - GP Miami 1


Brickell as a neighborhood has been growing substantially since 2000. This district used to be the Miami financial district, but as the businesses closed after hours, the neighborhood was quiet and lacking in terms of residential space or nightlife. Now Brickell has the Brickell City Centre which is a great place for shopping and dining, as well as living and working with their residential and business towers. There’s also a hotel, so this Brickell pre-construction has really created a whole city center for this otherwise 9-5 location.

Now that the Brickell City Centre has opened and residents are moving in, there’s a truer sense of a complete neighborhood. Residents can find all they need within a few spralling blocks and have a place to live, work, and play after business hours. It’s often difficult to find such a dense neighborhood that can deliver all a resident would need for daily life without leaving the boundaries. Now Brickell delivers and residents are loving it.

Pedestrian traffic

Another highlight of the established Brickell neighborhood is the ability to actually live an urban lifestyle, right down to the walking. While traffic is currently grid-lock during rush hours, those that live and work in Brickell can walk or take public transportation which creates more of a city atmosphere. The metrorail and metromover both service the Brickell neighborhood and are busier now that there’s Brickell pre-construction wrapping up and opening their doors. As the neighborhood continues to grow more and more people, especially millennials and those wanting an urban lifestyle, will find Brickell appealing.


Lastly, one key feature that was seriously missing from Brickell was nightlife. While there was some residential space and plenty of business space, there wasn’t anywhere for anyone to gather after hours or meet on the weekends. Now there’s plenty of Brickell pre-construction that’s drawing local businesses to fill in that nightlife absence. Between the dining and luxury living in Brickell, there’s plenty of nightlife to keep the city-dwellers busy. This is also a great draw for tourists who now visit the popular neighborhood as a destination and enjoy both Brickell and downtown Miami in one trip.

Brickell pre-construction has changed the face of Miami by drawing more people into the city and creating a complete neighborhood with an urban atmosphere. Residents can work and play in the same space, which caters to the millennial generation and those that frequent Miami for work or pleasure.

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