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5 Of Miami Real Estate Agents’ Best-Kept Secrets

Miami Real Estate Agents’ Secrets

It might be hard to imagine there are many secrets in the Miami housing market. But some properties might be hard to find without the help of a Miami real estate agent. Realtors in Miami are trained professionals who operate intimately with a fast-paced market. Here are just some of the secrets that only real estate agents in Miami could tell you about.

Miami flat for sale

This absolute beauty is one of the best deals in Miami. Located in The Setai on South Beach, this two bedroom offers more space than you could want. Sleek on the inside and out, this flat comes with all of the luxury amenities of The Setai attached, including three pools, a state of the art fitness center, and a rejuvenating spa facility.

Miami vacation homes

mini vacations homes

This spacious vacation condo in the resort-like luxury building, Icon Brickell. The building is in one of the best locations in Miami, right in the thick of the growing Brickell area. Apart from the amazing location, this condo offers a relaxing and rejuvenating space to spend time away from the buzz of Brickell below. Residents enjoy five-star resort service and amenities including a 30 person private movie theater, three pools, and an expansive recreation area/garden on the level of the pool deck. This condo in Icon Brickell is the perfect getaway.

Miami high rise apartments

miami high apartments in porsche tower

Located in one of the tallest building in Miami, Porsche Design Tower, this gorgeous, “blank canvas” apartment sets a new standard for luxury. Outfitted with a state of the art kitchen including rich wooden cabinetry and sleek stainless steel appliances, this unfinished apartment is set to be one of the most stylish in the city. It already features ultra-luxury amenities such as the two-car elevator garage, an oversized balcony with a private pool, and all of the Porsche technology that makes the apartment a private paradise.

Miami beachfront condos

miami beachfront condos for sale

This luxurious condo is located directly on the beach in the desirable neighborhood of Bal Harbour. With four bedrooms and a full sized den, this condo is just like having a private home, but with all the advantages of luxury condo amenities. With an expansive fitness and spa facility, as well as full beach cabana service, and gourmet restaurants, this condo has everything you could ever need for a beach getaway.

Small houses in Miami

small houses in miami

In the quiet and relaxing neighborhood of Coral Gables, this beautiful Thai inspired home is an elegant take on the family home. Whether for a vacation property or as a full-time residence, this property offers an incredible opportunity for either quiet nights in or a night on the town. Just within a few minutes of all the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami, this property is ideal for all types of residents.



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Three Ways to Buy Luxury Condos in Miami

Ways to buy Luxury Condos in Miami

Whether you are just breaking into the Miami luxury condo market or you are a seasoned Miami real estate veteran, finding the right way to buy is an extremely important part of the process. As in any market, there are good and bad ways to go about your search for property. Here are three ways to approach the Miami luxury condo market:

Giorgio Prestipino Team

Real estate agent Miami

Finding a real estate agent to work with is a smart way to sift your way through the infinite options for luxury condos that Miami has to offer. With so many luxury condos for sale at all times, hiring a professional who is familiar with the ebb and flow of this very specific market can help you find the best property for the best price. Real estate agents are not able to work independently of a broker, meaning that when you hire an agent, you are hiring a person with resources and a support system behind them.

Real estate broker Miami

Another option, and perhaps a step up from hiring an agent, is to work with a real estate broker. Brokers are highly trained professionals who are intimately acquainted with the market of luxury condos in Miami, Fl. and are skilled in the art of negotiation. Hiring the right real estate broker can guarantee you a satisfactory experience in your search for Miami property by preventing legal slip-ups or other negotiation mishaps that could cost you your property and your profit. Investing in the Miami luxury condo market is something that should be approached with a number of resources at your side in order to maximize your return or to make sure you’re living where you want for the right price.

House for sale by owner in Miami

A third way to find luxury condos for sale in Miami is to find properties for sale by owner. This method has a lot of potential risks compared to working with a trained real estate professional. Searching for condos on your own can be a taxing process and is fraught with dead ends and wrong turns. Dealing with owners directly can put your deal at risk. It is possible that the owner has very little experience and there can be legal mistakes in the transaction that you might not notice if you don’t have Miami market training. While working with condos for sale by owner can save you a bit of money on broker fees, there is a lot of room for error.

If you want to get the best deal on luxury condos in Miami, let the real estate professionals at GP Group help you find the right property for the right price.

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The Best & Worst Way to Buy Luxury Apartments in Miami

Looking for a luxury apartment in Miami can be a challenging task, especially now with the market full of investment opportunities and amazing luxury properties. Though it might be a difficult process, the return on investment is usually guaranteed. How you go about finding the right property is up to you, but some ways are most definitely better than others. Here are the best and worst ways to find exactly the right Miami luxury apartments:

Best: Real estate agent Miami

Giorgio Prestipino Team

Finding a real estate agent to help you in your search for the right property is one of the best moves you can make. Dealing with agents is a guaranteed way to make sure you are dealing with the right property managers and ensuring that your bid doesn’t go unnoticed. Real estate agents are trained professionals in the art of negotiation and having a qualified person on your side is the best way to find the properties you are looking for.

Best: Real estate broker Miami

Another great option for searching for Miami luxury apartments is hiring a real estate broker. There are scores of brokers flooding the real estate market in Miami and their primary goal is to match the right people to the right properties. While there is an extra fee involved with hiring any professional, the advantage far outweighs the cost. Hiring a broker will ensure that you get the best deal possible and that you are satisfied with the negotiation. Like real estate agents, brokers are trained to make deals and to make deals in your favor. So what’s the difference? Real estate brokers are more highly trained than agents and handle every aspect of the transaction themselves. If you want to guarantee that you are making the right real estate decision, working with a broker is the way to go.

Worst: House for sale by owner in Miami

for sale by owner

One of the most dangerous ways to look for property in Miami or basically anywhere else is to find properties for sale by owner. In the cutthroat real estate market of Miami luxury apartments, working without extensive real estate experience can be very dangerous. When looking for property for sale by owner, both parties are likely to have little to no experience and some crucial mistakes can be made, resulting in serious loss of capital or even loss of property. In order to have the best real estate experience and to maximize your return on investment, the best way is to hire a licensed real estate professional.

If you are hoping to break into the luxury apartments market in Miami, let the professionals at GP Group help you have the best experience possible!

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