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brickell luxury condos overhead view

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Buy Brickell Luxury Condos

The quickest and easiest way to buy Brickell luxury condos is to work with an experienced realtor. Having an agent to assist with the whole luxury condo buying process will save you time and energy, in addition to providing perks and access you wouldn’t have on your own. Brickell luxury condos have many options in terms of location, square footage, amenities, and unit layout. It’s quicker and easier to work with a real estate agent who specializes in the Brickell neighborhood so you find exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of representing yourself.


brickell luxury condos SLS

One of the perks of working with a real estate agent is that they have access to more Brickell luxury condo buildings than are currently listed online. If you’re looking for a Brickell luxury condo on your own, chances are you’ll be busy with booking tours, finding building details, and juggling all the information at once. Working with a realtor will provide someone to setup the visits and tailor each tour to your potential condo requirements. Working with someone with access or connections to each residential building will allow you to focus on what you want in a condo and spend more time weighing potential options without worrying about the details.


brickell luxury condos pool

Another reason a realtor makes buying a Brickell luxury condo easier and faster is because they can represent you in the sale if you do decide to purchase a condo. You can represent yourself in some sales but a realtor will know the whole process and can help facilitate it from beginning to end. With some professional representation it saves you the headache of dealing with paperwork and appointments, not to mention making sure everything throughout the process is done correctly. Working with an agent makes the buying process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

Expert in the field

Lastly, a real estate agent is an expert in the field of home buying and knows the Brickell neighborhood well. Working with an expert makes the whole buying process quicker and easier, getting you closer to enjoying your Brickell luxury condo in less time than if you bought a condo without one. Brickell agents will be able to showcase the area, get access to more buildings, be more aware of potential luxury condo options, and will take the guesswork out of Brickell luxury condo shopping. To work with an expert in the Brickell area, contact us today.

brickell apartment with ocean views

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Brickell Key Apartments For Sale

No matter your price point or location within the Brickell neighborhood, these Brickell Key apartments for sale all share the same three clear and unbiased facts. Brickell Key condos offer amazing views of the ocean and city, modern layouts for great flow and living space, and luxury amenities within their condo or residential towers. Among all the Brickell Key apartments for sale these three facts remain true no matter the location within Brickell, price point, or size of the apartment.

Brickell Key Apartments for Sale

Amazing Views

The Brickell neighborhood and Brickell Key are located right along the water which means that Brickell Key apartments for sale have outstanding waterfront and cityscape views. One example of a luxurious Brickell Key apartment is a penthouse in the residential building Asia. The three story unit has a 180 degree view of both the bay and the Brickell neighborhood. With a 2,000 square foot terrace there’s plenty of outdoor space the enjoy the view, the sun, and the prime location. The walls of glass inside bring the waterfront view in as well, creating a focal point and more space to enjoy all that Brickell has to offer. The Brickell Key apartments for sale in Asia are a prime opportunity to enjoy the amazing views no matter the location within the building.

Modern Layouts

brickell key apartment with exterior views

Many Brickell Key apartments for sale feature modern layouts which is a great way to enjoy the location without having to remodel or upgrade an existing home or unit. Brickell House on Brickell Bay Drive is a residential building with unique Brickell apartments for sale. Several units, including this penthouse suite are designer ready which means the new residents can customize the space to their liking. The modern layout offers a comfortable flow from the kitchen through the main living areas, and the open living room has large windows to take in the city view. The layout of this Brickell Key apartment for sale provides a good balance of open space for entertaining and daily life and private secluded space for quiet time, relaxing, and privacy.

Luxury Amenities

brickell key condo with swimming pool

The third clear and unbiased fact about Brickell Key apartments for sale is that most apartments that are part of a residential building or tower have luxury amenities as part of the living experience. Both Asia and Brickell House offer building amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa. These luxury amenities give residents a resort style living experience and offer things to do on premise outside of their individual units. This creates a sense of community and elevates the opportunities residents have beyond their personal space.

Brickell City Centre City View

Could Brickell City Centre be the Hottest Building in Miami?

Brickell City Centre is a multi-building development comprised of two residential buildings, a shopping center, office space, and a hotel. This complex is easily one of the hottest buildings in Miami because Brickell City Centre is a destination for high-end shopping and dining, has plenty of entertainment, and offers a centrally located residence with visitor lodging. It’s safe to say that Brickell City Centre is a main reason Brickell is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Miami.

Residential buildings

Brickell City Centre Pool View

The two residential towers of Brickell City Centre, Reach and Rise, are 43 stories tall and offer a modern luxury living experience. The location is in the heart of Miami and within walking distance to the shopping center, providing everything a resident would need. Both residential buildings work to merge indoor and outdoor life, making the city part of your home. The outdoor amenities like the pool, gardens, and fitness center give residents a place to enjoy the city with some privacy, and adds to the luxury of the entire building. Residences in each tower range from penthouses to luxury corner units, offering the ideal living space for a variety of prospective buyers. Each unit has a private terrace and upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom to create a complete luxury living experience.

Shopping center

Brickell City Centre Mall View

The Brickell City Centre is 500,000 square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment. One of the highlights of the centre is the 107,000 square foot Saks Fifth Avenue with an ultra-modern design. The shops are mainly luxury brands with a variety of premium and contemporary brands in the mix. Brickell City Centre is a multi-level shopping center with something for everyone from beauty, home decor, apparel, and jewelry, this is shopping elevated. The third and fourth floors of Brickell City Centre, or BCC, showcases the restaurants and bars, with a large focus on the theater, CMX, and the VIP Cinema Experience.


Brickell City Centre Hotel View

EAST, the hotel at Brickell City Centre is conveniently located within a 15 minute drive to the airport, making the Brickell neighborhood and this exclusive location a great option for those visiting the city. Staying at EAST puts visitors in direct access of a variety of shops and dining as well as a few minutes from popular neighborhoods. EAST has great amenities like a 20,000 square foot pool and deck area with a lap pool, spa pool, cold plunge pool, and a hot tub.

Brickell Preconstruction Buildings Pool View

Could These Brickell Preconstruction Buildings Be The Hottest New Projects in Miami?

The Brickell neighborhood has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Brickell pre-construction buildings have transformed the neighborhood from the financial district to a destination for residents and visitors alike. These four Brickell pre-construction buildings, Cassa Brickell, SLS Brickell, 1010 Brickell, and Brickell City Centre Reach, are some of the hottest new projects in Miami because of their exclusive luxury condos and prime location.

Cassa Brickell

Brickell Preconstruction Building Balcony View

One of the most exclusive pre-construction buildings in Brickell is Cassa Brickell, a boutique condo building with 81 units and luxury amenities. The units are designer ready which is perfect for a buyer looking to customize and personalize their space from the ground up. The kitchens feature Italian cabinets and stainless steel appliances. There is also a private extended balcony for some personal outdoor space, large enough to hold outdoor furniture and host guests. This Brickell pre-construction building offers rooftop amenities with a pool, spa, gym, and community garden.

SLS Brickell

Brickell Preconstruction Buildings Room View

SLS Brickell is a Brickell pre-construction building that delivers amazing building amenities and condo units from one to three bedrooms, some of which had an added den space. These spacious residence units have northeast and southeast views that showcase Biscayne Bay and the financial district, giving ocean and city views. Units include high end kitchens and custom closets along with private balconies, corner units have wrap-around balconies and walls of glass. The amenities include a gym, theater room, billiard room, and five star spa.

1010 Brickell

Brickell Preconstruction Buildings Miami View

1010 Brickell, also known as Brickell Ten, is one of the hottest new projects in Miami because it offers some of the best deals in pre-construction units. The corner units have huge wrap-around balconies to take in the view, and the 9 foot ceilings add depth to the living space. The floor to ceiling glass doors bring in the natural light and make the view a huge part of the unit. This Brickell pre-construction building is in a great place within the neighborhood making shopping and dining easily accessible by foot, allowing residents to fully experience the city.

Reach at Brickell City Centre

Brickell Preconstruction Buildings Pool View

Lastly, one of the most anticipated Brickell pre-construction buildings is Brickell City Centre which features the residential towers of Reach and Rise. The Brickell City Centre is one of the hottest Miami projects because it provides luxury shopping and dining as well as luxury residences and a hotel. As a destination for the entire Miami area, it will be the new anchor of the Brickell neighborhood and has already redefined the skyline. Reach has a variety of units available with amazing views, walls of glass, and a complete luxury living experience. The amenities include a half acre amenity deck complete with tropical gardens, outdoor fitness, bbq area, and pool.

Interested in learning more about Brickell pre-construction? Contact GP Group today.

Miami Brickell Flatiron Building View

The Ultimate Guide to Miami’s Brickell Flatiron

Brickell Flatiron is a luxury urban oasis in the center of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. With a unique exterior and interior to match this building provides an elevated living experience both with resort style amenities and its location within walking distance to entertainment, dining, and shopping in Brickell. Brickell Flatiron strives to deliver an elevated living experience both with the height of the building and with the high end details in each residential unit.


Brickell Flatiron was developed by Ugo Colombo and designed by Luis Revuelta, creating a luxury urban oasis in the center of the Brickell neighborhood. The tower features walls of glass with a unique curved detail created by the private balconies of each unit. These curves have created an iconic building that adds to the Miami skyline and makes it easy to pick out from the distance. The interior architect, Massimo Iosa Ghini, designed the entrance to have a fluid transition from outside in, creating a seamless main lobby. The details in the Brickell Flatiron lobby were carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of movement, warmth, and light. The art throughout serves as a personal gallery for the residents to enjoy and adds personality to the space.


Brickell Flatiron Room View

The residential tower of Brickell Flatiron is 64 stories high which provides amazing city and bay views from each unit. The extended and curved balconies provide private viewing spaces to take in these views and enjoy the urban life. The units offer luxury upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom which elevates the space and helps bring the hotel or resort living experience into each home. Both rooms have detailed stonework that make the space feel sophisticated. The bathroom feels like a personal spa with glass, marble, and natural accents. The high ceilings open the space inside and the floor to ceiling glass brings the view inside, creating a flow between the neighborhood and the unit.


Brickell Flatiron Pool View

The amenities at Brickell Flatiron are what really raise the living experience from that of a typical residential building to something that parallels a hotel or resort atmosphere. These features are a draw for prospective residents because the amenities extend the space beyond the unit. The spa, gym, pool, and rooftop garden each feature state of the art technology and create a complete living experience. The Sky Gym is a rooftop fitness center that offers amazing views in addition to a great workout, and the Sky Pool has 360 degree views of the city and the bay for enjoying a swim or soak and the prime location.

For more information about Brickell Flatiron, get in touch with GP Group today.

The Best Condos in Brickell for Young Professionals

The best condos in Brickell for young professionals are condo units in centrally located buildings with great amenities and luxury upgrades. The following four units are the best for this perspective buyer because they are in the popular Brickell neighborhood, have great views of the water, and the buildings, Three Tequesta Point, Asia, and Rise, have amenities including a fitness center, pool and spa, and valet parking.

Penthouse on Brickell Key

Best Condos in Brickell Penthouse

One of the best condos in Brickell is a two story penthouse at Three Tequesta Point in Brickell Key. This penthouse condo unit has amazing square footage and 35 foot ceilings that open the space even further. The open floor plan provides plenty of flow throughout the main living areas and showcases the magnificent view of the bay, downtown Miami, and South Beach. Luxury details from the flooring to the lighting add to this penthouse and establish it as a luxury penthouse, making it one of the best condos in Brickell and the perfect fit for a young professional looking to upgrade.

Two story waterfront

Best Condos in Brickell Waterfront

Another great two story option among the best condos in Brickell is this unit in the Asia building. The direct views of the bay and the city are amazing from the private balcony. The open floor plan has a great balance of flow between spaces but also privacy between the living room and kitchen. The living space has large windows on three sides which brings in plenty of light and shows off the water view and balcony. There is also a private view in the bedroom and a large walk-in closet to increase the luxury. This is one of the best condos in Brickell for young professionals because it offers a complete luxury living experience from the unit, the view, and the upscale building.

Designer ready

Best Condos in Brickell Designer Ready

A third option for the best condos in Brickell is to rent or purchase a designer ready unit. Both of the units featured here are partially finished which means there’s plenty of room to customize your new space. One of the best condos in Brickell, located in the Rise building, is this corner unit. The amazing view is showcased from the corner, and there’s opportunity to include high end accents and appliances throughout.

Best Condos in Brickell Kitchen View

The second unit available in Rise has darker details in the kitchen and bathroom, but is still fully customizable. These two are some of the best condos in Brickell for young professionals because they provide a complete luxury living experience with high rise and corner views, as well as an opportunity to create your own living space.

These Miami Brickell Condos for Sale Have the Most Incredible Views

It’s almost impossible to find a Miami Brickell condo for sale that doesn’t have an amazing view. But in the hierarchy of spectacular, these properties give you the best eye candy on the market today.

Corner Ocean View

Miami Brickell Condos for Sale Ocean View

This Miami Brickell condo for sale has a wrap around balcony that has a great view of the ocean, Miami River, and causeway. The condo is a corner unit which allows it to feature a wrap around balcony for more space to take in the view and look over the water. The city is also visible from this vantage point which is unique because of the island location of the residential building. Another highlight for this Miami Brickell condo for sale is that the ocean view is visible from each room within the unit. This brings the view inside and provides a unique experience throughout the unit.

Island and Bay View

Miami Brickell Condos for Sale Bay View

For a Miami Brickell condo for sale in the center of the neighborhood, this is a great low floor unit. The large balcony has a great view of the bay as well as the city, providing a great cityscape view to enjoy from the main rooms. The two bedroom unit has a good balance of natural light and privacy which makes the unit very inviting and comfortable. The master bedroom has a wall of windows which overlooks the bay and the city, a great option for someone wanting to enjoy the city anywhere in their Miami Brickell condo.

Open Ocean View

Miami Brickell Condos for Sale Open Ocean View

Another Miami Brickell condo for sale with a wraparound balcony is this three bedroom unit. The view is a magnificent open view looking out at part of the city, the causeway, and the open ocean. The bay and the river are great features of the city and neighborhood, so being able to see them from your own private balcony is quite a sight. The master bedroom has a large window with a great view, but there’s also privacy in the room which makes the view feel personal and just for you.

Direct Open Water View

Miami Brickell Condos for Sale Open Water View

Lastly, this larger Miami Brickell condo for sale has a huge wrap-around balcony with direct ocean views. The sweeping view of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne is a magnificent way to feel like you’re living on the beach while still being part of the city and the Brickell neighborhood. Most of the rooms have floor to ceiling glass doors that access the terrace creating your own private beach retreat over the city. This Miami Brickell condo has wonderful views of the sunrise and is an amazing opportunity to be part of the neighborhood.

7 Steps To Take Before Buying an Apartment in Brickell

Making the decision to buy an apartment in Brickell can be an overwhelming experience. The Brickell neighborhood is a very urban location with plenty to do and see. The following seven steps outline the beginning of the apartment shopping process and should be considered before buying an apartment in Brickell.

    1. Visit the neighborhood

Apartments in Brickell are available in a variety of layouts, usually in residential buildings. It’s important to immerse yourself in the Brickell neighborhood before taking steps to purchase an apartment in the area. Getting to know Brickell will help you find which areas you’d like to live in, and what the city sounds and feels like.

Apartment in Brickell Pool View

      1. Plan your necessities

Shopping for a Brickell apartment can be an amazing experience with modern apartments readily available in the current market. Spend some time listing your apartment must-haves from the layout, bedrooms, square footage, and building amenities. This will help you narrow your search and focus on units that have what you’re looking for.

      1. Find a realtor

Apartments in Brickell offer luxury and resort style living, but it can be a tricky market to navigate. Finding a realtor who is an expert on the Brickell neighborhood will help make the process enjoyable and will help you get in to see any unit that sparks your interest.

      1. Shop the market

Shopping the current apartment market in Brickell will be much more enjoyable now that you’ve done some preparation before checking out the current listings. When visiting potential units try to envision your current life in the space as well as your future. You want your new apartment in Brickell to feel like it can accommodate all that you’re looking for now, and in the years to come.

Apartment in Brickell Room View

      1. Compare your options

Once you’ve done some shopping take some time to compare your top five choices from the apartments in Brickell. After a few days of looking at listings and visiting buildings everything can start to blur together. Sitting down with your top and bottom apartment options can help you compare which units fulfill your requirements and which fall out of your ideal scope.

      1. Discuss the process

Use your realtor as a resource throughout this Brickell apartment shopping experience. The realtor your choose will be an expert in the area and knows the most about the whole real estate purchasing process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and go over any concerns you may have.

      1. Take the steps to complete the sale

Lastly it will be time to take those next steps to buy the Brickell apartment of your choice. Your realtor will be a huge help in initiating the next step once you’ve made your choice. Now that you’re ready to make the purchase you’re that much closer to enjoying your apartment in Brickell.

Best Brickell Pre-consturction 2017

The Three Best Brickell Pre-Construction Buildings, Ranked From Amazing To Otherworldly

A popular location for  Pre-construction has been the Brickell neighborhood in Miami. Of all the Brickell pre-construction buildings currently in progress, three are head and shoulders above the rest. The luxury and amenities available at Brickell Ten, 1010 Brickell, and SLS Lux Brickell elevate living in the neighborhood.

Brickell Ten

The first amazing Brickell pre-construction building is Brickell Ten, located at 1010 SW 2nd Avenue. This is a luxurious building from the amenities to the residences. Condo units range from one to three bedrooms, all with a very open and modern layout. The living room, kitchen, and dining areas are connected which creates a flow through the central living areas. There are high ceilings which opens the space as well. The floor to ceiling windows highlight the view and bring the outside in. The large terraces give residents some private outdoor space as well.

The building’s amenities add to the luxury and round out the amazing experience this Brickell pre-construction building has to offer. The Lanai is an indoor/outdoor social club with features like a corner swimming pool with an amazing view, landscaped gardens, club room, and billiards room. The Rooftop is where the Skyview gym is located as well as an outdoor spa, outdoor bar, and reflecting pool with lounge areas.

1010 Brickell

Somewhere between amazing and otherworldly is 1010 Brickell, a luxurious Brickell Pre-construction building that focuses on catering to every member of the family. Two stories of this building are dedicated to childhood fun complete with large climbing and playing spaces. This playground is glassed in and provides a place for the rest of the family to play sports or work on their fitness while the children play. This is only one of many amenities in the building from a rooftop club, indoor pool complete with lifeguards, and an adult spa for relaxation.

Condo units are very modern and streamlined, available in a variety of sizes. A two bedroom, three bath unit is a great size for any lifestyle and family unit. The units were designed with flow and family function in mind, creating unique spaces for spending time together as well as providing adequate privacy for quiet time or intimate gatherings.

SLS Lux Brickell

Finally, rising above all the other Brickell pre-construction buildings in high-end luxury is SLS Lux Brickell. This building prides itself as a top of the line luxury complex catering to their residents. The focus here is elegance and current trends, providing residents with a completely comfortable lifestyle. Condo units are available in a variety of sizes, all of which have amazing views, a private elevator, and private vestibules. Units can come fully furnished which increases the luxury and brings the building’s esthetic into each condo.

Amenities at SLS Lux Brickell are also otherworldly from the garden, library, lounge, sun deck, beach club, children’s center, fitness center, and bar. Each of these extras creates a well-rounded resort style of living that is elevated beyond other Brickell pre-construction buildings currently on the market.

Brickell - Restaurants - Cafes - Miami

Best New Restaurants in and near Brickell

Greater Miami is known for having some of the best restaurants, chefs, and restaurateurs in the culinary scene. Fortunately for Miami residents, each year sees the birth of brand new restaurants – some are mom-and-pop café’s, while others are large-scale eateries run by well-known chefs. Whichever, type of eatery you prefer, you’ll always find something amazing to eat in Brickell, as Brickell has some of the best eateries in Miami. Take a look at the best new restaurants in and near Brickell, and get ready to eat some tasty food tonight!

Best New Restaurants in Brickell


Brickell - Coconut Grove -Ariete
Ariete offers diners progressive fare and classic cocktails all within a modern farmhouse-style setting. This fantastic restaurant is brought to life by Michael Beltran, former sous chef at Cypress Room, and Jason Odio, former owner of Sidebar. The rustic setting offers an indoor, outdoor experience on a lush tree-lined avenue in Coconut Grove, just a short drive south of Brickell. Patrons can enjoy appetizers from a rich menu such as burrata with seasonal fruit and herbs or heirloom tomato with ricotta, gazpacho water, and cucumber melon. Dinner only gets more decadent with items such as duck confit with cranberry, wood grilled sweet potato, and apple glazed turnips, and local fish with cioppino, charred fennel, and peppers.


Bachor Bakery + Bistro

Brickell - Bachor Bakery + Bistro
Bachor Bakery + Bistro is a fabulous bakery and café that recently opened in Brickell. This spot brought to the area by Antonio Bachor, and Miami-raised Henry Hane, has already become a Brickell favorite. The clean, bright indoor/outdoor seating options beckon patrons to sit down and enjoy a great brunch or an afternoon coffee or tea with a fresh-baked pastry. Patrons can enjoy decadent Xocoline that consists of chocolate mousse, banana cream, passion fruit curd, and banana cake, or Azelia that consists of milk chocolate, tart, and hazelnut whipped ganache. Breakfast favorites from the menu include egg jar that consists of 75’ egg, pomme puree, hollandaise foam, and pork belly, as well as truffle bun that consist of scrambled eggs, cheddar, truffle aioli, arugula, and bacon jam.


Bazaar Mar at the SLS Brickell

Brickell - Bazaar Mar at the SLS Brickell

Bazaar Mar at the SLS Brickell is a luxurious restaurant that showcases some of the best seafood dishes in Miami. Bazaar Mar was brought to Brickell by world-famous Chef Jose Andres Bazaar. This seafood-centric high-end restaurant offers some of the freshest seafood in Miami into beautiful, edible art. Patrons can enjoy dinner options such as California “Funnel Cake” that consists of a seaweed funnel cake, avocado, blue crab, and tobiko, or Jose’s Asian Taco that consists of Iberico bellota ham, cured Hamachi, osetra caviar, Korean seaweed, and ginger. The dessert menu is decadent and offers unique desserts such as Paloma Postre that consists of vanilla custard, tequila-grapefruit ice, grapefruit segments, and caramelized peanuts, or Banana Shaved Ice that consists of banana flavored shaved ice, lime cream, gram cracker crumble, and mint.


Brickell Lifestyle

If you are interested in living the Brickell lifestyle of high-end dining, shopping, and entertainment options, contact us at gpgmiami.net, and we will be more than happy to show you around the Brickell area, so that you can find the Brickell condo or Brickell property of your dreams.