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Luxury cCondos at Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre: What’s The Latest In Miami’s Biggest Development?

Brickell City Centre has been in the news for some time now as a popular pre-construction building in the Brickell neighborhood. While many have been following the early developments, exciting news continues to surface about the complex. The latest news concerning Brickell City Centre includes complimentary parking, a contract with Uber, new retail stores to arrive in fall 2017, and three floors dedicated to Italian goods and cuisine. Brickell City Centre has put themselves on the map as a must-see destination, offering access to upscale shops and restaurants which attracts residents, visitors, and tourists to the neighborhood.

Parking and Transportation

In an attempt to make Brickell City Centre more accessible and even more attractive to visitors, Brickell City Centre is offering complimentary 2-hour parking in their underground garage. This is a great perk for those looking to visit the new center, but visitors should be aware that this is only a limited time offering.

Transportation and accessibility have been a large concern to developers, given the popularity of the location and the congestion traffic can create. Another solution to this issue is a partnership with Uber. Around Brickell City Centre’s five towers there will be designated Uber “stops.” This will hopefully streamline congestion and encourage ride-sharing. For those looking to use public transportation there is a Metromover stop on Level 3 of the Brickell City Centre complex.


Brickell City Centre is a shopper’s paradise, with the goal of getting visitors access to exclusive brands. Two new storefronts for well known brands are joining the complex in fall 2017. Zara, a clothing and accessories brand for men, women, and children, as well as MAC, a cosmetics brand, will be taking their place among a variety of retailers and shops. These stores are well known in their fields and have a large online marketplace. Visitors and shoppers will enjoy access to a physical storefront which will draw more customers to Brickell City Centre.


While Brickell City Centre is clearly a shopper’s dream, there are a variety of offerings in terms of dining as well. In addition to the dining options already established, there will also be several chef driven restaurants, like Luke’s Lobster, American Harvest, and Tacology. The addition of highly sought after restaurants will accent the shopping experience and make Brickell City Centre a place for people to meet and socialize in addition to shop.

Another dining highlight is La Centrale, an Italy inspired food hall. This complex will cover three floors and 38,000 square feet with the hopes that it will bring a little bit of Italy to Miami. La Centrale will feature authentic Italian goods and experiences straight from Italy. The first floor of the complex will be easily accessible dining, like bakeries and cafes. The second floor will be filled with full service restaurants, and the third floor will host a culinary school. This school will also be the site of wine tastings and food pairing events to add even more excitement to the complex.

Brickell New Construction developing in 2017

New Construction Brickell Condos Get A Boost From Foreign Buyers

In 2008, the real estate market in Miami was struggling, leading foreign buyers to invest and rescue the market. Currently, the market seems to be slowing down after a boom in construction, especially new construction in Brickell. In the early stages, the new construction in Brickell was boosted by foreign investors who were investing in property that would create new growth in the area. Brickell is now a highly sought after location with a saturated market. This has created a buyer’s market which is once again attracting foreign buyers.

The Brickell neighborhood is part of Miami across the river from Downtown. This neighborhood was once the financial district which was busy during office hours and slow in the evening. Due to new construction in Brickell the neighborhood is now a destination for urban living, popular dining, and nightlife.


The new development and growth in Brickell makes it an attractive market. The new construction in Brickell was funded by and boosted partly by foreign buyers. Buildings such as Brickell Heights and SLS Lux were funded by investors from south of the United States border. More than 60% of the investors for Flatiron Brickell were from Latin America, and many buyers from these locations are looking for high end luxury units. Now foreign buyers are taking advantage of the current market in the area. The last two years have brought many new projects and new construction to the Brickell neighborhood, creating rapid growth and a variety of listings for new apartments and condos.

Current market

In 2017 many of those new construction projects are wrapping, leading to an abundance of listings which is creating a buyer’s market. Foreign buyers are taking advantage of this marketplace by purchasing high end condos in the area, which is boosting Brickell condo sales. These buyers have seen growth in the area due to their early investments and are now taking advantage of the popularity of the neighborhood and purchasing condos for vacation homes or a place to stay while on business.

Canadian buyers

Brickell New Construction Canadians

One of the foreign markets interested in Miami is Canada, according to a report from The Real Deal. Other foreign investors and markets have slowed because of the exchange rates, creating an opening for Canadian buyers and investors. The current pricing in Brickell, especially in the new construction buildings has made Miami a great market to invest in. Brickell is now a destination, and Canadians enjoy the area for the weather and change of pace. New construction in Brickell has created an abundance of condo opportunities which make great vacation homes or second homes for foreign buyers.

Foreign buyers are boosting new construction sales in Brickell because they are bringing investment money into the area. While Brickell is currently a buyer’s market, foreign investors can take advantage of the current exchange rate and bring competition to the saturated market.

With Brickell being a popular neighborhood, foreign buyers are finding the location desirable and are getting in on the ground floor, which boosts the market and starts to reduce the abundance of condos, creating a competitive marketplace.