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best luxury condos in miami, featuring brickell key apartments

Best Luxury Condos in Miami

Miami Best Luxury Condos

The Miami real estate market is flooded with amazing luxury condos and ultra-luxury properties. Because of the sheer volume of market activity, it can be difficult finding the perfect property to meet your needs or exact specifications. If you’re struggling to begin your search for just the right luxury condo, look no further. Here are some places to look for amazing luxury best condos in Miami for sale right now:

Brickell Key Apartments

brickell key apartments for sale

The ultimate in exclusivity and a luxury condo oasis, Brickell Key is the place to look for amazing condos for sale right now. Brickell Key is a relatively small man-made island just off the coast of Downtown Miami and Brickell. Brickell Key condos are the place to look if you want the calm exclusivity of a gated island community just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami. The Brickell Key apartments for sale are mostly luxury condominiums that offer amazing views of Downtown and the Bay, as well as all the luxury amenities and privacy you could ever expect from a gated island community.

Icon Brickell for sale

icon brickell building

Another place to look is located right in the heart of Downtown Miami in the always growing Brickell community. The luxury experience is unparalleled and convenience and an energetic lifestyle are easy to come by at Icon Brickell Condos. Each residence at Icon Brickell is outfitted with a high-end kitchen featuring Italian cabinetry and top of the line stainless steel appliances, and gorgeous master bathrooms featuring elegant marble showers and flooring. Just some of the incredible amenities include the Icon Brickell Spa, the private 30 person movie theater, and the enormous pool deck, featuring three pools with towel service, recreational areas, garden, and large outdoor fireplace. Icon Brickell is a true paradise in the middle of the buzzing Brickell community.

One Miami condominium

one miami condominium

Last but certainly not least is the incredible property at One Miami Condominium. Located directly on the waterfront in Downtown Miami, One Miami is an elegant building right where Downtown meets the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. As you can imagine, this location provides spectacular views from all of the units within the two One Miami Condo buildings. While One Miami Condo provides an impressive list of amenities, most of what makes the buildings so attractive is most definitely the proximity to all of the attractions of Downtown Miami. One Miami Condo is within walking distance of several gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, and all of the party scene of Downtown Miami. One Miami Condo is certainly one to keep your eye on.

If you want to get the best deal on luxury condos in Miami, let the real estate professionals at GP Group help you find the right property for the right price.

miami brickell neighborhood city view

Top 10 Tips When Buying Real Estate In Miami Brickell Neighborhood

If you’re thinking of buying real estate in Miami Brickell neighborhood, you should keep these important tips in mind.

  1. Walk the neighborhood

There’s no better way to get to know the Miami Brickell neighborhood than to immerse yourself in it by walking through town. From the street level you’ll find great local spots from coffee shops, parks, and dining options.

  1. Have condo parking

Parking in Brickell can be tricky. Since the neighborhood has an urban design it’s important to make sure your condo offers a parking spot. This way you can enjoy the city and explore without worrying about navigating traffic or finding a spot on the street.

  1. Consider public transportation

Another way to battle the Miami Brickell neighborhood traffic is to consider the public transportation options. The bus line, metromover, and other public transport have a variety of stops through Brickell to help you get somewhere quickly.

  1. Weigh restaurant and delivery options

The Miami Brickell neighborhood has so many restaurant options that it has become a hot spot. From upscale dining to quick eats, there’s always something. Most places will offer delivery which makes condo living a convenient way to enjoy the city’s eats without making a reservation.

  1. The walking path around Brickell Key

While you’re exploring the Miami Brickell neighborhood be sure to check out the walking and jogging path along the water. This is a great place to experience how the city meets the waterfront and enjoy a popular retreat.

  1. Southern Brickell is quieter

For a quieter living experience in Miami Brickell, check out the southern side of the neighborhood. Living on the south side offers the same close proximity to Brickell events but also provides a quiet more private living experience.

  1. Residential building amenities

miami brickell neighborhood pool

Living in a condo in the Miami Brickell neighborhood has its perks, including building amenities like a pool, spa, and fitness center. Having these on site will save you time and the hassle of navigating traffic to get to the gym.

  1. Brickell provides an urban lifestyle

If it isn’t clear by now, the Miami Brickell neighborhood is an urban community. This means that there’s high rise buildings, fine dining, and public transportation all along the waterfront. As a resident there’s plenty to see and do, all within walking distance.

  1. Explore condos and properties

If you’re looking to move to the Miami Brickell neighborhood check out both condos and properties. This will provide a good look into the variety Brickell offers and will allow you to find just what you’ve been looking for.

  1. Brickell has plenty to offer  

miami brickell neighborhood balcony

In Miami the Brickell neighborhood has plenty to offer. It is quickly becoming a very attractive location for both new residents and tourism, drawing people to the unique urban waterfront high rises and neighborhood activities.

miami brickell key bedroom

The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Brickell Key Miami

The most important thing you need to know about Brickell Key Miami is that it is a modern luxury urban neighborhood. The Brickell Key location is a combination of waterfront luxury homes and condos with a city-like downtown. This merging of luxury and cityscape provides a unique living environment that has quickly become popular with young professionals and tourists alike. Living in Miami Brickell Key is getting the best of Miami in both nightlife and luxurious private waterfront homes.

Modern luxury

Miami Brickell Key is an excellent place for living a life of modern luxury. There are many waterfront home options with modern layouts and architecture that offer an elevated lifestyle with amenities and bonus features. A great example of Miami Brickell Key’s opportunity for modern luxury is this designer ready unit in the Brickell House residential building. The five bedroom unit has a completed kitchen but the rest of the unit is available to design to your liking. This Miami Brickell Key residence offers modern luxury through the wall of windows showcasing the cityscape below, the open layout throughout the living areas, and the unique flow between the levels.

Another more move in ready example of Miami Brickell Key’s modern luxury options is a five bedroom unit in the Jade Brickell residential building. This unit has stunning views of the waterfront in the main living areas as well as the master bedroom which is clearly modern and luxurious. The modern layout is a great display of a flow among the main living areas with secluded space for the master bedroom, office, and other guest rooms. Miami Brickell Key is right on the water and the high-rise water views are an amazing way to add some luxury to your lifestyle.

miami brickell key room

Urban living

In addition to Miami Brickell Key being an amazing place for modern luxury living, it’s also a prime location for urban living. The variety of residential buildings with condos for sale and rent means that Miami Brickell Key caters to all sorts of lifestyles, family sizes, and provides amenities beyond each unit. Echo Brickell is a residential building that is still in progress. This building is a magnificent addition to the neighborhood and offers modern luxury and urban living. Each unit has a private terrace, wide view of the bay, and overlooks the city.

These three condo options truly showcase the most important thing you need to know about Brickell Key Miami, that it is a modern luxury urban neighborhood, and this is visible in the luxury condos currently on the market.

brickell key condos for rent city view

5 Incredibly Useful Tips When Considering Brickell Key Condos for Rent

If you are considering a Brickell Key condo for rent, these five tips will help you get the most out of your visit and help you adapt your current lifestyle to the Brickell Key neighborhood. From the location, the residential building, and the view, you should think about each factor and how it provides the ideal living experience. Brickell Key condos for rent have tons to offer from building amenities, neighborhood hot spots, and luxury living so keep these tips in mind as you shop for the perfect unit.

  1. Location is everything

If you’re looking into Brickell Key condos for rent make sure you take the building’s location into consideration. You will be renting this space for a significant amount of time so make sure it has all the neighborhood amenities you’re looking for. Brickell Key has a great urban vibe so things like delivery, shops, and restaurants are endless but you’ll want to be close to your must have options.

  1. Condo amenities elevate the experience

brickell key condos for rent lobby view

A Brickell Key condo for rent isn’t just about the unit itself, but also which amenities the building offers. These amenities expand your living experience and take care of looking for a nearby fitness center, spa, pool, or parking space. By taking a few minutes to discuss the building amenities you can elevate your entire living experience while you’re in the building.

  1. Consider life beyond the unit

Renting a Brickell Key condo provides a unique lifestyle from the residential building to the part of the neighborhood you’re in. Considering life beyond your unit will help you not only become active in Brickell Key but will also help you see how your current lifestyle will adapt to the location. Having a full life means getting the most out of your rental unit, building amenities, and neighborhood beyond your front door.

  1. Compare residential buildings with comparable units

There are many Brickell Key condos for rent, so spend some time comparing similar units in different buildings. Each residential building offers a unique location, view, amenities, and living experience which is important to consider before signing a lease. The whole building will become your home so consider different options and how each residential building can add to your life as well as compliment your lifestyle.

  1. Don’t forget to check out the view

brickell key condos for rent balcony

Lastly, you shouldn’t consider Brickell Key condos for rent without checking out the view. Many Brickell Key condos have private terraces that add some outdoor living space as well as showcase the view. There are both cityscape and waterfront options depending on the building’s location and height, so don’t forget that the view only adds to your overall living experience.

buying a condo in brickell waterfront

How To Take The Headache Out of Buying a Condo on Brickell Key, FL

Buying a condo in Brickell can be an overwhelming process. With so many residential buildings in the neighborhood, each with their own amenities and charms it can be tricky to navigate the current market or even know where to begin. While the easiest way to take the headache out of buying a condo in Brickell is to hire a realtor and start the process with an expert by your side, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Explore the neighborhood first

The Brickell neighborhood is full of things to do, restaurants to visit, and shops to explore, which can make finding your prime living location difficult. If you want to buy a condo in Brickell, chances are you’re familiar with the neighborhood. Take some time to explore the neighborhood with the intent of a resident. Where are your favorite local hot spots, a grocery store, brunch and coffee shop, and other local necessities? Knowing where you’d want to frequent will help you find the right residential building and will make buying a condo in Brickell much easier.

Virtually tour residential buildings

buying a condo in brickell Tower View

After you’ve explored the neighborhood from the perspective of a resident, now you should spend some time online and virtually tour potential residential buildings. This is a great way to get the overall feel for the residential buildings, what they like to showcase and highlight, and how they represent the living experience the available units offer. It’s also a good place to get some of your preliminary questions answered about the amenities, parking, and public transportation. Visiting the residential buildings online allows you to take your time and compare locations without feeling pressured into a full tour and paperwork. Once you have investigated the locations you’re interested in you’ll be ready to take the next step in buying a condo in Brickell.

Tour units with intent

buying a condo in brickell living room

Hopefully now some of the headache has been taken out of buying a condo in Brickell and you’re ready to narrow down which unit you’d like to buy. When touring potential units make sure you tour with intent, meaning you pay attention to the overall flow and how the unit would accommodate your lifestyle. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when taking a tour of a new home. Everything looks great and is full of potential but by taking a few moments to think about how this apartment could become your home, you’ll eliminate the headache of comparing units by focusing on your personal wants and needs.

3 Tips About Brickell Key Real Estate You Can’t Afford To Miss

Brickell and Brickell Key is a great place to live. From the proximity to the waterfront, the amazing views, and the whole city living experience, Brickell Key real estate has something for all walks of life. These three tips will help you explore the Brickell area as a real estate agent or as a potential buyer, making sure you get the most out of the location and find the home you’ve been looking for.

Tip #1: There’s something for everyone in Brickell Key real estate

The Brickell neighborhood is a popular urban destination offering a variety of residential options. This means that Brickell and Brickell Key have something for everyone from waterfront views to high rise condo apartments. It’s important to remember this because the neighborhood allows the real estate agent to tailor the potential homes to the buyer, and as a buyer you should look into which part of the neighborhood excites you before looking at homes. When you approach Brickell Key real estate keep the neighborhood in mind and remember there’s something here for everyone if you just know where to look.

Tip #2: Brickell Key real estate offers property options

Since Brickell is an urban waterfront neighborhood there are several property options in the Brickell Key real estate market, from private waterfront property with a home to a condo or apartment in a residential building. Having property options in the same neighborhood makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in the area and still be able to benefit from the neighborhood amenities. Private property may offer larger square footage and modern homes, while residential buildings have amazing amenities and elevated views. Being aware of the property options is a must for agents so they can showcase the neighborhood effectively and potential buyers should be aware so they don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity for their new home.

Tip #3: Brickell Key real estate offers more than just a residence

brickell key real estate entrance

Living in Brickell is more than just a desired location along the water, complete with waterfront views. The Brickell neighborhood offers an entire lifestyle between the popular restaurants, shopping centers, and public transportation, there’s a whole urban environment to thrive in. Brickell Key real estate provides a complete package to experience all that Miami has to offer along with a tranquil waterfront opportunity. There’s a reason Brickell is a popular destination and the real estate showcases these opportunities. As an agent it’s important to put the whole neighborhood on display and as a potential buyer and future resident of Brickell take in the entire experience.

GP Group - Cover - 5 Stunning Condos for Sale on Brickell Key

5 Stunning Condos For Sale On Brickell Key

These five stunning condos for sale on Brickell Key offer a variety of features from large outdoor entertaining space to newly remodeled or one of a kind living quarters. Other penthouses feel more like staying at a resort, and the amazing views of both the ocean and the city are unique in their own way for each Brickell condo.

Largest Terrace

GP Group - Largest Terrace - 901 Brickell Key Blvd # PH3703, Miami, FL 33131

The outdoor entertainment space in this Brickell condo is perfect for enjoying the view and soaking in the sun. In addition to the amazingly large terrace, this Brickell condo for sale is a penthouse with three master suites each with their own bathroom. The terrace alone is 1,750 square feet, covering three separate terraces. There are direct ocean views which are equally amazing from the outdoor space and from the large windows drawing the view inside. This penthouse is one of the luxury Brickell condos for sale, and at 2,951 square feet it won’t be on the market long.

One of a Kind

GP Group - One of a Kind - 848 Brickell Key Dr # 4604, Miami, FL 33131

This one of a kind Brickell condo has stunning features inside and out. The floor to ceiling windows in the main living space show off the bay view and city skyline. The living room and kitchen have great flow and are very open which is great for entertaining. The master suite has a private terrace and a luxuriously tiled master bathroom. In addition to the spacious living quarters, this Brickell condo has a private parking structure with private spaces for this unit. Amenities included are a pool, fitness center, and sports courts.

Newly Remodeled

GP Group - Newly Remodeled - 900 Brickell Key Blvd # 3103, Miami, FL 33131

For those looking for something newly remodeled in Brickell Key, this Brickell condo is perfect. Beyond the amazing view, this penthouse has a great minimal aesthetic, which is perfect for any design preference or personal decor. The living space is very open, and the natural light highlights the unit’s flow. The master bedroom has a great corner view and master bath with marble throughout. This Brickell condo is also a smart home, bringing great technology into a newly remodeled space.

Resort Living

GP Group - Resort Living - 701 Brickell Key Blvd # LPH-12, Miami, FL 33131

Not all Brickell condos have the same offerings, and this Brickell condo for sale has an amazing resort style esthetic. Along the canal there’s a pool with a large patio for lounging and enjoying the outdoor space. The views overlooking the bay are magnificent and the interior is very modern, open, and luxurious. This Brickell penthouse has something for everyone and is an amazing condo for sale on Brickell Key.

Amazing View

GP Group - Amazing View - 808 Brickell Key Dr # 1808, Miami, FL 33131

Lastly, this Brickell condo has an amazing view of the cityscape and beyond, which is great for those looking for a highrise with a unique vibe. The dining and living space are fairly open, but have some privacy which is nice for entertaining and providing quiet spaces. The living room has a large terrace and high windows to let the view and light in. The kitchen is spacious and great for hosting parties or experimenting with new recipes. Each room is luxurious in its own way, from having great living space to magnificent views in all directions.

GP Group Luxury Condo Brickell Cover

Brickell Condos Are Selling Fast In 2017. Here’s Why.

Brickell condos are selling fast in 2017, and that’s partly because of the amazing development in the Brickell and Brickell Key areas. Between the amazing location and budding development and construction, the city is quickly becoming an incredible place to live. Condos for sale on Brickell Key as well as in the residential towers of Icon Brickell merge amazing open living space, amenities, and stunning ocean and city views. Here are a few examples of Brickell condos for sale, showcasing why real estate in this area is selling so quickly.

GP Group - 1451 BRICKELL AV # PH1, Miami, FL 33131

One of the most popular new buildings in Brickell, FL is Echo Brickell. This tower is a magnificent addition to the Miami skyline and offers breathtaking views of the ocean and city from floors above the action. There are several penthouses and Brickell condos still available in this building. One example is this luxury condo, a four bedroom, seven bath penthouse laid across 10,000 square feet. The unit has floor to ceiling windows in almost every room, letting in the natural light and spectacular views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and downtown Miami. Several units are available to be personally designed to the liking of the new resident, which makes these luxury condos in Brickell an amazing opportunity for new buyers to not only own property in an up and coming hotspot, but also design the unit to their personal liking.

GP Group - 1425 BRICKELL AV # PH1EFA, Miami, FL 33131

Another new building in Brickell is 1425 Brickell Avenue. This location has several condos and penthouses still available that are a luxurious experience right in downtown Miami. This amazing luxury condo was designed and styled with sophistication in mind. From the wood paneling detail to the large open windows and layout, this unit is magnificent. The kitchen has a minimal and classy design with a unique bar and glass cabinets. Each room has window accents that bring the beautiful view of the bay and the city inside, adding a city style and a relaxing finish to each space. The luxury continues in the master bedroom with an expansive walk-in closet, along with a large master bathroom with glass and marble accents. There are several units available in the building, but they won’t last very long with all this luxury for purchase. If you’re looking for some high end living in Brickell, these Brickell condos are a great option.

GP Group - 900 BRICKELL KEY BL # PH-04, Miami, FL 33131

There are also Brickell condos available on Brickell Key, like those in Asia, Brickell Key Island’s premier luxury building. Units in this building have 12 foot ceilings, private elevator access, 180 degree views of the bay as well as the city, and an outdoor terrace. Amenities in this building include a pool, outdoor wet bar, and a potential for maid service. The unit’s themselves have amazing windows to take in the view, a minimal esthetic which is perfect for customizing and decorating, and a great open layout throughout. Living on Brickell Key Island is now possible with this amazing luxury building and Brickell condo availability. New residents can enjoy the city and the ocean, all from their custom luxury unit.