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Six Amazing Condo Units For Sale In Brickell This Week

Brickell is awash in stunning properties, which is why at Giorgio Prestipino Group we love to feature great luxury condos in Miami’s booming urban district. Today we want to show you six amazing condo units for sale in Brickell this week. Check them out!

Condo units for sale in Brickell

Two bedrooms

Brickell City Centre is a great location for Brickell condos for sale due to the two tower complex, Reach and Rise. A corner condo unit is currently available that showcases the city with floor to ceiling windows. On the 33rd floor the view of the city, ocean, and river below is amazing and gives a unique living opportunity high above the Brickell neighborhood. This Brickell condo for sale is in a prime location and is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the city from the center of the action.

SLS Brickell is another luxury residential building that offers high rise Brickell condos for sale. This particular unit is a sky residence with unobstructed views and a large private balcony. Situated below the penthouse level this Brickell condo for sale provides stunning outdoor space, a modern layout, and luxury amenities for a quality upscale living experience. The unit is designer ready and has beautiful waterfront views visible from the main living areas.

Three bedrooms

brickell condo for sale

The Bond offers a ultra luxurious resort style living experience and this Brickell condo for sale is a unique penthouse opportunity. The resort style amenities like a pool, spa, and fitness center provides an inclusive living experience beyond your unit. The penthouse has an amazing view of the city skyline and is a great location for exploring the Brickell neighborhood.

ICON Brickell is a modern luxury living residential building with a Brickell condo for sale that is designer inspired and move in ready. The unit has been renovated to match the modern decor of the building and has a direct bay view from the main living areas. This Brickell condo for sale comes with three parking spaces and can be furnished if desired.

brickell condos

Brickell Heights West offers the best of Brickell with a corner Brickell condo for sale that showcases the city and water beyond with floor to ceiling windows in the main living areas. This unit is also unique in that it has three master bedrooms, each with their own en-suite bathroom and a master walk-in closet. Everything has been upgraded from the flooring to the appliances, providing a Brickell condo for sale with a modern and luxury living experience.

1010 Brickell is in the heart of Brickell with construction completing by the end of the summer 2017. This building offers Brickell condos for sale with spacious layouts and private entrances. The luxury amenities round out the inclusive living experience 1010 Brickell provides for each unit.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions about condo units for sale in Brickell!

brickell luxury condos overhead view

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Buy Brickell Luxury Condos

The quickest and easiest way to buy Brickell luxury condos is to work with an experienced realtor. Having an agent to assist with the whole luxury condo buying process will save you time and energy, in addition to providing perks and access you wouldn’t have on your own. Brickell luxury condos have many options in terms of location, square footage, amenities, and unit layout. It’s quicker and easier to work with a real estate agent who specializes in the Brickell neighborhood so you find exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of representing yourself.


brickell luxury condos SLS

One of the perks of working with a real estate agent is that they have access to more Brickell luxury condo buildings than are currently listed online. If you’re looking for a Brickell luxury condo on your own, chances are you’ll be busy with booking tours, finding building details, and juggling all the information at once. Working with a realtor will provide someone to setup the visits and tailor each tour to your potential condo requirements. Working with someone with access or connections to each residential building will allow you to focus on what you want in a condo and spend more time weighing potential options without worrying about the details.


brickell luxury condos pool

Another reason a realtor makes buying a Brickell luxury condo easier and faster is because they can represent you in the sale if you do decide to purchase a condo. You can represent yourself in some sales but a realtor will know the whole process and can help facilitate it from beginning to end. With some professional representation it saves you the headache of dealing with paperwork and appointments, not to mention making sure everything throughout the process is done correctly. Working with an agent makes the buying process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

Expert in the field

Lastly, a real estate agent is an expert in the field of home buying and knows the Brickell neighborhood well. Working with an expert makes the whole buying process quicker and easier, getting you closer to enjoying your Brickell luxury condo in less time than if you bought a condo without one. Brickell agents will be able to showcase the area, get access to more buildings, be more aware of potential luxury condo options, and will take the guesswork out of Brickell luxury condo shopping. To work with an expert in the Brickell area, contact us today.

Brickell condos for sale are high demand in 2017

Brickell apartments for sale are in high demand

Brickell is a very new and fast growing urban neighborhood in Miami, with plenty of Brickell apartment for sale. These specific apartments are in high demand due to their location and unique residential buildings, as well as the impressive units themselves. From the prime location as part of Brickell City Centre with Rise, to the luxury experience of living in Icon Brickell or Jade with an amazing view, these apartments are prime examples of luxury residences in the neighborhood.

Rise at Brickell City Centre

A unique Brickell apartment for sale is this four bedroom unit in Rise at Brickell City Centre. What makes this apartment unique, beyond the fact that it’s part of the amazing BCC shopping center and entertainment complex, is that this specific unit is designer ready. The apartment is very modern and with its open layout this makes for the perfect opportunity to design your own space from the ground up. [http://retsimages.s3.amazonaws.com/38/A10230938_7.jpg] There are amazing views and amenities, making this Brickell apartment for sale a highly sought after unit.

Icon Brickell

For a luxury experience, check out this turn-key Brickell apartment for sale. Part of the Icon building in downtown Brickell, this apartment overlooks the bay and Miami, putting you in the center of the action. The luxury continues beyond the view with exceptional design and decor throughout. This Brickell apartment for sale is an amazing combination of modern living and luxury from the spacious living areas to the private master bedroom complete with a spa-like ensuite. Brickell condos for sale in 2017 the bestFor those looking for a move in ready apartment that exudes luxury and urban living, this is a great choice. One look at this Brickell apartment and it’s clear why this unit is in high demand and won’t be available long.


This Brickell apartment for sale is in high demand because it’s a luxury penthouse suite with a magnificent view of the water. The main living space has wonderful floor to ceiling windows that bring in plenty of natural light and expansive water views. Brickell condos for sale in 2017 the bestThe unit has a very modern layout and design with glass and artistic accents throughout. There’s plenty of space to host guests here, as well as find privacy for relaxing and having tranquil downtime. The balcony is a great place to enjoy the view and find a few quiet moments to recharge. This is a wonderful Brickell apartment for sale and it showcases the neighborhood along with luxury living beautifully.

What are some questions to ask when looking for Brickell Miami condos

What are some questions to ask when looking for Brickell Miami condos?

There’s a variety of Brickell Miami condos on the market, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in a condo early on. As you visit and tour buildings, the details can quickly become overwhelming between amenities, parking, and all the fees associated with joining a building. The following topics and questions are important to consider and ask when looking for a Brickell Miami condo so you know exactly what you’re getting with each unit.

Maintenance fees

Most Brickell Miami condos provide an all inclusive or resort style living experience. While this is an exciting prospect, it’s also important to discuss any extra fees or maintenance fees associated with a particular unit. Some buildings may include a list of potential fees, from application to signing a lease or purchase agreement, but others may only bring these fees up when you’re already sold on the space.

Questions to consider:

  • Are there any maintenance fees or extra fees associated with the unit?
  • What does the maintenance policy cover?

Discussing the details may feel overwhelming, but it’s better to discuss every aspect of the unit, the good and the bad, up front. Knowing everything before you make your final decision will make it easier to weigh the pros and cons of buildings and units you’re seriously considering. What are some questions to ask when looking for Brickell Miami condos

Parking information

Living in the city has many perks, from public transportation to being in the center of all the action and entertainment. Being so close to Miami and beyond, many residents to have a car that needs parking, and street parking isn’t always a valid option for residential building residents. Brickell Miami condos often include a parking space with each unit, but there may also be some fees like an annual parking spot fee or an extra cost for more than one car.

Questions to consider:

  • What is the parking policy?
  • Is there any parking included with the unit?
  • Are there other parking options nearby for guests and family?

Parking is something that may be overlooked but can be a big issue down the line. Some buildings have valet parking and other amenities to cover this area, but it’s best to ask early and be clear on the policy.   

What are some questions to ask when looking for Brickell Miami condos


A large selling point of many Brickell Miami condos are the amenities. Many unit listings and condo building websites discuss their amenities since they help create unique living experiences. Although you may have some idea about the amenity list for a particular building, you should also ask about this topic when meeting with a realtor or taking a tour.

Questions to consider:

  • What are the amenities included with a lease or purchase?
  • Are there any extra fees or restrictions to enjoy the amenities?

Talking about these benefits and seeing them first hand will help you get a better sense of what the building offers and if you could see this location being a good fit for you and your lifestyle.