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GP Group Miami Beach Best Drinks

Best Place to Get a Drink with Friends in Miami Beach

January 11, 2017
Miami Beach is known as the hippest, party capital of the United States…maybe even of the world. But, residents don’t always want to party. Residents typically like to chill and relax, and enjoy the beach lifestyle. Fortunately for residents, Miami Beach is home to a bunch of places to get a drink with friends; whether you’re looking to celebrate, catch up, or simply hang out, there is a place to suit your needs. Take a look at our take on the best places to get a drink with friends in Miami Beach. Let us know if your favorite place made…
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Top 3 Condos in South Beach Miami Beach under $3 Million

January 9, 2017
When you think of South Beach Miami Beach, a sparkling party-life comes to mind. This area of Miami Beach is known for its luxurious condos featuring breathtaking views and resort-like amenities. With all of that good stuff, prices can sometimes seem out of reach; but, that’s where we come in to introduce you to luxury condos listed under $3 million in South Beach. With prices so low, it’s a good indication that it is currently a great time to buy and invest in Miami Beach property. There is a large inventory of luxury condos under $3 million in the South…
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GP Group - Miami Best Gyms

Best Gyms in Miami to Start the New Year Fit

January 5, 2017
It’s 2017 already! With the New Year upon us, now’s the time to start to get fit. We know working out and getting fit might not be on the top of your priority list, but it’s something that needs to be considered. Take a look at our take on the best gyms in Miami to start the New Year fit. Barry’s Bootcamp Barry’s Bootcamp is known for “The Best Workout in the World.” Their signature cardio and strength workouts are to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Powering through workouts is easy, at the Miami Beach location, with the…
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GP New Years in Miami Beach

New Year’s Eve Celebrations Near Miami Beach

December 15, 2016
New Year’s Eve celebrations are a big deal in and around Miami Beach. Whether you plan to ring in the New Year at happening party or just catch a fireworks display, South Florida has plenty to offer residents on New Year’s Eve. Take a look at our list of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in and around Miami Beach, and be ready to have a great time all night. The City of Miami Beach New Year’s Eve Celebration For Venetian Islands’ residents who don’t feel like venturing far from home, head on over to Miami Beach at 9th Street…
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Best Coffee Shops On Miami Beach

Miami may be known for having the best Cuban coffee around, but when it comes to quaint coffee joints with excellent coffee and espresso drinks, Miami Beach sure knows how to pour up a great cup of coffee. Read on to discover the best coffee shops near Venetian Islands, so that you may experience great coffee, good vibes, and tasty treats. Aroma Espresso Bar Aroma Espresso Bar on Collins Avenue, next to the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, offers a reasonably priced gourmet menu in a contemporary setting. Aroma Espresso Bar takes pride in their roasting process of coffee beans that…
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Holiday Merriment for the Whole Family Near Miami Beach

December 14, 2016
Living in Miami Beach it may seem like the holiday season will never come, since the sun is ever shining and warm temperatures prevail. However, families residing in Miami Beach can experience a great deal of holiday fun close to home, so that they may get into the good old holiday spirit in a flash. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other winter celebration Miami Beach and Greater Miami have tons of holiday fun for the whole family! Take look at our list of holiday merriment near Miami Beach for the whole family and get into the mood of…
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Top 3 Pizza Places on Miami Beach

Pizza! One glorious word that many people consider their favorite food ever. Pizza aficionados living on Miami Beach are fortunate to have quite a few great pizza places in their neighborhood. Here are our top 3 picks for great pizza places on Miami Beach. Whether you like classic New York-style pizza, or a heartier Sicilian-style thick crust pizza, there is something for everyone to satisfy your pizza cravings. Here are our top 3 pizza places on Miami Beach, in no particular order. Visit all three, then pick your favorite! Fratelli La Bufala Fratelli La Bufala, with more than 100 locations…
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