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Luxury Condos Miami: These Amenities Make All The Difference

March 13, 2017

Most luxury condos in Miami have some features one wouldn’t find in just any condo on the market, creating unique experiences in each home. In home features that make condos stand out include upscale bathrooms and master suites, wine cellars and upgraded kitchens, and private balconies. These really elevate the living space in addition to their magnificent views, open layouts, and square footage.

Luxury Condos in Miami - GP Group - Brickell

Master suite

The master suite is where the resident goes to relax and rest before the next busy day. A luxury master suite is one that has space to accommodate all their needs, from a restful sleep, a functional closet space, adequate storage and seating, as well as fulfills their entertainment needs. In addition the master bedroom there also should be an elevated bathroom space. Nothing is more luxurious than a master bath with stone and glass, that feels spa-like and is a place to be pampered and get ready for a night on the town. This luxury condo in Miami has a magnificent master suite and bath that even includes a luxury walk-in closet that rivals most high end shops. The lighting and storage handles every article of clothing one could own and really completes the master suite.

Wine cellar

A wine cellar is something luxury condos in Miami are featuring more and more as their popularity and unique design elements grow. Some luxury condos feature their wine cellar as an additional room near the kitchen for not only storing the wine but also showcasing it at the same time. The wine cellar in this luxury condo is a glassed off space creating a narrow room, sort of like a closet, that shows off the bottles while storing them properly. While in this luxury condo the space in the hall is used to highlight the wine while creating a focal point and creatively using the area usually reserved for a closet.

Private balcony

Luxury condos wouldn’t be complete without a private balcony to take in and enjoy the view. Most units have a small space that can accommodate a bistro table and a couple of chairs, but luxury condos like this one have a larger space for outdoor lounging and entertaining. Or this luxury condo with a very large space to host guests and even a gaming table and spa.
Beyond the condo unit, the building that the condo is a part of really delivers the luxury with high quality and unique amenities. The amenities really drive the luxury home and provide resort style living with a pool, fitness center, and spa.

Brickell buildings like Four Seasons Miami, Ten Museum Park, and Marquis all offer amazing luxury amenities, ranging from 24-hour valet and concierge, to a private fitness center, business center, and spa. Having amenities in addition to the extravagant additions in each luxury condo provides a unique experience in each home. These amenities are well worth the extra price that comes with each luxury condo, and truly completes the resort style living each building provides.

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