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Clear And Unbiased Facts About Brickell Key Apartments For Sale

July 11, 2017
brickell apartment with ocean views

No matter your price point or location within the Brickell neighborhood, these Brickell Key apartments for sale all share the same three clear and unbiased facts. Brickell Key condos offer amazing views of the ocean and city, modern layouts for great flow and living space, and luxury amenities within their condo or residential towers. Among all the Brickell Key apartments for sale these three facts remain true no matter the location within Brickell, price point, or size of the apartment.

Brickell Key Apartments for Sale

Amazing Views

The Brickell neighborhood and Brickell Key are located right along the water which means that Brickell Key apartments for sale have outstanding waterfront and cityscape views. One example of a luxurious Brickell Key apartment is a penthouse in the residential building Asia. The three story unit has a 180 degree view of both the bay and the Brickell neighborhood. With a 2,000 square foot terrace there’s plenty of outdoor space the enjoy the view, the sun, and the prime location. The walls of glass inside bring the waterfront view in as well, creating a focal point and more space to enjoy all that Brickell has to offer. The Brickell Key apartments for sale in Asia are a prime opportunity to enjoy the amazing views no matter the location within the building.

Modern Layouts

brickell key apartment with exterior views

Many Brickell Key apartments for sale feature modern layouts which is a great way to enjoy the location without having to remodel or upgrade an existing home or unit. Brickell House on Brickell Bay Drive is a residential building with unique Brickell apartments for sale. Several units, including this penthouse suite are designer ready which means the new residents can customize the space to their liking. The modern layout offers a comfortable flow from the kitchen through the main living areas, and the open living room has large windows to take in the city view. The layout of this Brickell Key apartment for sale provides a good balance of open space for entertaining and daily life and private secluded space for quiet time, relaxing, and privacy.

Luxury Amenities

brickell key condo with swimming pool

The third clear and unbiased fact about Brickell Key apartments for sale is that most apartments that are part of a residential building or tower have luxury amenities as part of the living experience. Both Asia and Brickell House offer building amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa. These luxury amenities give residents a resort style living experience and offer things to do on premise outside of their individual units. This creates a sense of community and elevates the opportunities residents have beyond their personal space.

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