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brickell condos

Brickell condos

Brickell is a dense, wealthy and dynamic neighborhood in the heart of Miami. It is South Florida’s major financial district and home to major firms’ head office. The inhabitants are mostly young executives, working the day in the skyscrapers and enjoying the Brickell’s entertainments at night. Brickell condos offer luxurious apartment and a lot of amenities, making the life of its residents a real haven.

Brickell, a dynamic neighborhood

Brickell is the incarnation of what we imagine of a dynamic neighborhood. It is home to many major firms’ headquarters, particularly banks. All the sectors are represented. So, the population is made of young executives in suits, living in Brickell condos, not far from their office. To help them relax, there is a lot of fine restaurants and boutiques, for example at the Mary Brickell Village. At night, they transform into night owls, invading the numerous clubs and bars. Brickell always is in motion.

The new heart of the neighborhood is a huge mix-used complex called Brickell City Centre. It has open in 2016 but is still under construction. It had cost over $1 Billion and offers 9 acres of office spaces, hotels, condos and a lot of entertainment such as boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and even luxurious theaters. It’s giving Brickell a new breath of air, making an even better place to work, live and enjoy than before.

brickell city centre

When the rush of Brickell becomes too much, you still can relax in one of the parks of the neighborhood such as the Simpson Park Hammock, the Alixe Wainwright Park, the Miami Circle or another one. There also are beautiful promenades alongside the bay to enjoy a piece of serenity.

Moreover, Brickell benefits from a central position in Miami, in its heart and a few miles away from the other major neighborhoods, such as Downtown and its museums or Wynwood and its concepts stores. Also, the best beaches of South Beach or Key Biscayne are easily accessible from Brickell (20 minutes).

Note that moving into Brickell has been made easier by the MetroMover, a fast way to go from one place to another!

Brickell, a condo paradise

At first, the area we now know as Brickell was totally different. It was the « Millionaire’s Row » of Miami, with the most luxurious and huge mansions of the City, along Brickell Avenue, named in honor of Mary Brickell, who owned multiple of these properties. But in the 1970’s, the construction of towers begins in this area, and soon, the “Millionaire’s row” move to Miami Beach and Brickell is home to hundreds of skyscrapers. They host numerous firms, but also hotels and upscale condominium towers.

In the 2010’s, Brickell new condominium boom happens, seeing the construction of more affordable or luxury condos. Now, the buildings are a mix of the residential and financial north of Broadway Avenue and mostly residential south of it. The most luxurious ones are on Brickell Avenue, the more prestigious avenue of Brickell.

Penthouse interior

penthouse interiors


penthouse bedroom with beach views

Walking Closet

penthouse luxury walking closet

Check this out: luxury penthouse

If all our arguments convinced you that Brickell lifestyle is the one for you, we will be pleased to help you finding the Brickell condos that are made for you!


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brickell key apartments for sale

Top Three Vacation Condos in Miami

Vacation Condos in Miami

Buying a vacation condo in the Miami real estate market is no vacation itself. It can feel like the most difficult task in the world in a lot of situations. This is mostly because the Miami condo market is so full of incredible options that it can be hard to find a place to start. But with so many luxury condos out there, finding the right property is a guarantee as long as you know the right direction. Here are a few suggestions that might just lead to your new vacation home.

Brickell Key Apartments

As far as areas of Miami go, Brickell Key is one of the most exclusive, resort-like places to find luxury condos either for vacation or for full-time residence. Brickell Key is a gated island community just east of Downtown Brickell on the Miami River. What makes the island absolutely perfect for vacation condos is the amount of privacy and relaxed environment that can be found just minutes from all of the attractions of Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. If you’re looking for a more relaxing vacation experience, you can enjoy yourself in the restaurants located right on the island. Apartments on Brickell Key offer residents premium luxury and privacy while maintaining the allure of all that attracts people to Miami.

Icon Brickell for sale

icon brickell luxury apartment for sale

Stitched Panorama

Another amazing option for vacation condos right in the buzz of Downtown Brickell Miami is the luxury building and condos at Icon Brickell. Icon Brickell condos are another type of oasis in the middle of the city. Right in the center of the action of Downtown, Icon Brickell offers a pristine paradise in the form of the gorgeous rooftop garden and amenity deck. Full resort services create the ultimate environment for relaxation and residents can relax in the three pools and the two full acres of lush paradise far above the noise of the city. All of your amenities and activities are synchronized at Icon Brickell with a fully integrated smart building technology.

One Miami condominium

one miami condo luxury building for sale

A third option for you to explore in your search for the perfect vacation condo is the quiet luxury at One Miami Condos. One Miami Condo is right in the thick of Miami entertainment. If you are looking for an exciting getaway destination, this condominium can give you the Miami vacation experience of your dreams. Luxury resort services mix with the private residential feel of the condo building to builds community as well as harbor a relaxing vacation feeling at all times. One Miami Condo is within walking distance of great Miami attractions like Bayside Marketplace, Bayfront Park, and American Airlines Arena home of the Miami Heat. For an exciting vacation getaway, One Miami Condo puts you right in the middle of the action.

If you want to get the best deal on luxury condos in Miami, let the real estate professionals at GP Group help you find the right property for the right price.

best luxury condos in miami, featuring brickell key apartments

Best Luxury Condos in Miami

Miami Best Luxury Condos

The Miami real estate market is flooded with amazing luxury condos and ultra-luxury properties. Because of the sheer volume of market activity, it can be difficult finding the perfect property to meet your needs or exact specifications. If you’re struggling to begin your search for just the right luxury condo, look no further. Here are some places to look for amazing luxury best condos in Miami for sale right now:

Brickell Key Apartments

brickell key apartments for sale

The ultimate in exclusivity and a luxury condo oasis, Brickell Key is the place to look for amazing condos for sale right now. Brickell Key is a relatively small man-made island just off the coast of Downtown Miami and Brickell. Brickell Key condos are the place to look if you want the calm exclusivity of a gated island community just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami. The Brickell Key apartments for sale are mostly luxury condominiums that offer amazing views of Downtown and the Bay, as well as all the luxury amenities and privacy you could ever expect from a gated island community.

Icon Brickell for sale

icon brickell building

Another place to look is located right in the heart of Downtown Miami in the always growing Brickell community. The luxury experience is unparalleled and convenience and an energetic lifestyle are easy to come by at Icon Brickell Condos. Each residence at Icon Brickell is outfitted with a high-end kitchen featuring Italian cabinetry and top of the line stainless steel appliances, and gorgeous master bathrooms featuring elegant marble showers and flooring. Just some of the incredible amenities include the Icon Brickell Spa, the private 30 person movie theater, and the enormous pool deck, featuring three pools with towel service, recreational areas, garden, and large outdoor fireplace. Icon Brickell is a true paradise in the middle of the buzzing Brickell community.

One Miami condominium

one miami condominium

Last but certainly not least is the incredible property at One Miami Condominium. Located directly on the waterfront in Downtown Miami, One Miami is an elegant building right where Downtown meets the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. As you can imagine, this location provides spectacular views from all of the units within the two One Miami Condo buildings. While One Miami Condo provides an impressive list of amenities, most of what makes the buildings so attractive is most definitely the proximity to all of the attractions of Downtown Miami. One Miami Condo is within walking distance of several gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, and all of the party scene of Downtown Miami. One Miami Condo is certainly one to keep your eye on.

If you want to get the best deal on luxury condos in Miami, let the real estate professionals at GP Group help you find the right property for the right price.

mini flat for sale

5 Of Miami Real Estate Agents’ Best-Kept Secrets

Miami Real Estate Agents’ Secrets

It might be hard to imagine there are many secrets in the Miami housing market. But some properties might be hard to find without the help of a Miami real estate agent. Realtors in Miami are trained professionals who operate intimately with a fast-paced market. Here are just some of the secrets that only real estate agents in Miami could tell you about.

Miami flat for sale

This absolute beauty is one of the best deals in Miami. Located in The Setai on South Beach, this two bedroom offers more space than you could want. Sleek on the inside and out, this flat comes with all of the luxury amenities of The Setai attached, including three pools, a state of the art fitness center, and a rejuvenating spa facility.

Miami vacation homes

mini vacations homes

This spacious vacation condo in the resort-like luxury building, Icon Brickell. The building is in one of the best locations in Miami, right in the thick of the growing Brickell area. Apart from the amazing location, this condo offers a relaxing and rejuvenating space to spend time away from the buzz of Brickell below. Residents enjoy five-star resort service and amenities including a 30 person private movie theater, three pools, and an expansive recreation area/garden on the level of the pool deck. This condo in Icon Brickell is the perfect getaway.

Miami high rise apartments

miami high apartments in porsche tower

Located in one of the tallest building in Miami, Porsche Design Tower, this gorgeous, “blank canvas” apartment sets a new standard for luxury. Outfitted with a state of the art kitchen including rich wooden cabinetry and sleek stainless steel appliances, this unfinished apartment is set to be one of the most stylish in the city. It already features ultra-luxury amenities such as the two-car elevator garage, an oversized balcony with a private pool, and all of the Porsche technology that makes the apartment a private paradise.

Miami beachfront condos

miami beachfront condos for sale

This luxurious condo is located directly on the beach in the desirable neighborhood of Bal Harbour. With four bedrooms and a full sized den, this condo is just like having a private home, but with all the advantages of luxury condo amenities. With an expansive fitness and spa facility, as well as full beach cabana service, and gourmet restaurants, this condo has everything you could ever need for a beach getaway.

Small houses in Miami

small houses in miami

In the quiet and relaxing neighborhood of Coral Gables, this beautiful Thai inspired home is an elegant take on the family home. Whether for a vacation property or as a full-time residence, this property offers an incredible opportunity for either quiet nights in or a night on the town. Just within a few minutes of all the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami, this property is ideal for all types of residents.



luxury condos in miami

Three Ways to Buy Luxury Condos in Miami

Ways to buy Luxury Condos in Miami

Whether you are just breaking into the Miami luxury condo market or you are a seasoned Miami real estate veteran, finding the right way to buy is an extremely important part of the process. As in any market, there are good and bad ways to go about your search for property. Here are three ways to approach the Miami luxury condo market:

Giorgio Prestipino Team

Real estate agent Miami

Finding a real estate agent to work with is a smart way to sift your way through the infinite options for luxury condos that Miami has to offer. With so many luxury condos for sale at all times, hiring a professional who is familiar with the ebb and flow of this very specific market can help you find the best property for the best price. Real estate agents are not able to work independently of a broker, meaning that when you hire an agent, you are hiring a person with resources and a support system behind them.

Real estate broker Miami

Another option, and perhaps a step up from hiring an agent, is to work with a real estate broker. Brokers are highly trained professionals who are intimately acquainted with the market of luxury condos in Miami, Fl. and are skilled in the art of negotiation. Hiring the right real estate broker can guarantee you a satisfactory experience in your search for Miami property by preventing legal slip-ups or other negotiation mishaps that could cost you your property and your profit. Investing in the Miami luxury condo market is something that should be approached with a number of resources at your side in order to maximize your return or to make sure you’re living where you want for the right price.

House for sale by owner in Miami

A third way to find luxury condos for sale in Miami is to find properties for sale by owner. This method has a lot of potential risks compared to working with a trained real estate professional. Searching for condos on your own can be a taxing process and is fraught with dead ends and wrong turns. Dealing with owners directly can put your deal at risk. It is possible that the owner has very little experience and there can be legal mistakes in the transaction that you might not notice if you don’t have Miami market training. While working with condos for sale by owner can save you a bit of money on broker fees, there is a lot of room for error.

If you want to get the best deal on luxury condos in Miami, let the real estate professionals at GP Group help you find the right property for the right price.

Miami skyline showing real estate luxury condos

The Best & Worst Way to Buy Luxury Apartments in Miami

Looking for a luxury apartment in Miami can be a challenging task, especially now with the market full of investment opportunities and amazing luxury properties. Though it might be a difficult process, the return on investment is usually guaranteed. How you go about finding the right property is up to you, but some ways are most definitely better than others. Here are the best and worst ways to find exactly the right Miami luxury apartments:

Best: Real estate agent Miami

Giorgio Prestipino Team

Finding a real estate agent to help you in your search for the right property is one of the best moves you can make. Dealing with agents is a guaranteed way to make sure you are dealing with the right property managers and ensuring that your bid doesn’t go unnoticed. Real estate agents are trained professionals in the art of negotiation and having a qualified person on your side is the best way to find the properties you are looking for.

Best: Real estate broker Miami

Another great option for searching for Miami luxury apartments is hiring a real estate broker. There are scores of brokers flooding the real estate market in Miami and their primary goal is to match the right people to the right properties. While there is an extra fee involved with hiring any professional, the advantage far outweighs the cost. Hiring a broker will ensure that you get the best deal possible and that you are satisfied with the negotiation. Like real estate agents, brokers are trained to make deals and to make deals in your favor. So what’s the difference? Real estate brokers are more highly trained than agents and handle every aspect of the transaction themselves. If you want to guarantee that you are making the right real estate decision, working with a broker is the way to go.

Worst: House for sale by owner in Miami

for sale by owner

One of the most dangerous ways to look for property in Miami or basically anywhere else is to find properties for sale by owner. In the cutthroat real estate market of Miami luxury apartments, working without extensive real estate experience can be very dangerous. When looking for property for sale by owner, both parties are likely to have little to no experience and some crucial mistakes can be made, resulting in serious loss of capital or even loss of property. In order to have the best real estate experience and to maximize your return on investment, the best way is to hire a licensed real estate professional.

If you are hoping to break into the luxury apartments market in Miami, let the professionals at GP Group help you have the best experience possible!

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Downtown Miami Real Estate

Best Three Pre-Construction Condos for Sale in Downtown Miami

For years, Downtown Miami had been outshone by other fast-growing parts of the city, from Coconut Grove to Miami Beach to Brickell and even Wynwood. But in the last decade, Downtown has seen a massive growth in luxury Miami condos for sale. Encouraged by the central location, historical attractions and bayfront and riverfront opportunities, developers have taken a new interest. Now, a number of pre-construction condos are in the works, and we’d like to highlight just a few of them for you here.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Miami area condos for sale at One River Point, 1000 Museum and Auberge. Each presents a huge potential for discerning buyers.

Pre-construction condos for sale

One River Point

One river point interior bedroom

one river point exterior balcony

One River Point Location:

When it’s completed in 2019, One River Point will be a two-tower complex of luxury residences rising 60 stories above the Miami River. Designed by Rafael Viñoly, the property will be both elegant and technologically sophisticated, including biometric security systems. With its skybridge and incredible waterfront amenities, developers are calling it the anchor of Miami’s riverfront renaissance. Here’s a typical luxury Miami condo for sale in this building. It has three bedrooms and 3.5 baths but still comes in under $2 million. That’s a nice deal considering the travertine floors, Italian cabinetry, sliding glass walls and 12-foot terrace.

1000 Museum

1000 museum ocean view

1000 Museum Location:

Construction has already begun on One Thousand Museum, which will be one of the most distinctive buildings of the Miami skyline when it’s completed next year. Have a look at unit 4202, a sprawling four-bedroom corner residence with views over the city and Biscayne Bay. Developers herald the project as a cross between “art and architecture,” where each home is “museum quality.” Perched directly on the waterfront, buyers who get in early won’t have to worry about neighbors obstructing their view. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a piece of art, One Thousand Museum is your chance.


auberge key plan

Auberge Location:

Created with 10 distinctive floor plans to choose from, the Miami pre-construction Auberge has something to offer anyone. Developers at Related Group are still working out the financing for the project. If plans restart, it would no doubt become yet another of the firm’s great success stories. The 60-story tower features a variety of configurations, from a one-bedroom townhome to studio apartments and three-bedroom homes. Renderings boast cold and hot plunge pools, a lap pool and poolside cabanas, plus a sun deck facing Biscayne Bay.

If you’re ready to check out these and other Miami real estate condos for sale, contact GP Group today!

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The 3 Best Luxury Condos for Sale in Downtown Miami

Condo Buildings with luxury units for Sale in Downtown Miami

Luxury Condos for Sale in Downtown Miami

Miami is known for its bustling nightlife, exclusive social scene, and of course, the luxury condos for sale at all times. New and old developments offer different styles and an array of enticing amenities and lifestyles, but the common theme among all is always luxury. It can be intimidating to begin searching through all of the options available. If you’re struggling to find the best condos for sale in Miami, here are a few amazing places available right now:

1. Ten Museum Park

Ten Museum Park - Luxury Condos for Sale in Miami Downtown

Situated right along Biscayne Bay, right in Downtown Miami, Ten Museum Park offers incredible views of the Bay as well as the stunning view of Downtown. The building is directly across the street from the newly opened Museum Park. A small and intimate building, Ten Museum Park houses only 200 luxurious units, providing privacy and exclusivity to all of its residents. The stylish building still offers all of the top class amenities anyone could want from a Miami condominium: a full service spa and fitness facility, pool deck with resistance and plunge pools, and a spin/yoga studio room which offers classes and lessons. Ten Museum Park is one of the most exclusive Miami condos for sale right now.

2. EPIC Residences | Miami

Located downtown, with an easy walk to Brickell and Downtown nightlife, Epic has some of the nicest condos for sale in Miami. Epic Residences in Miami is 54 stories tall and houses one, two, and three bedroom luxury condos. Each unit is equipped with state of the art appliances and granite countertops situated within the European style kitchens. Electric roller shades roll up to reveal spotless windows offering stunning views of Downtown Miami. Epic Condos are truly some of the best Miami condos for sale for anyone looking for a fresh interior right in the heart of Downtown.

3. Marquis Residences condos | Marquis Miami

Luxury Condos for Sale in Downtown Miami | Marquis Residences | Marquis Miami

Marquis Residences Miami is a name to remember. With spacious units and a sleek, modern design, Marquis Miami condos are to die for. Floor to ceiling windows and private balconies offer residents spectacular views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. In addition to an apartment, residents of Marquis benefit from the amazing amenities such as the beautiful Sky Pool Deck, a luxurious spa facility, gourmet restaurant, and full time valet and concierge. Each unit at Marquis is equipped with a gourmet kitchen featuring European design and Viking appliances, as well as spacious bathrooms with sleek design and over-sized glass enclosed showers. If you’re looking for a condo for sale in Miami to check every box on your list, Marquis is the place to look.

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condo for sale in brickell

Six Amazing Condo Units For Sale In Brickell This Week

Brickell is awash in stunning properties, which is why at Giorgio Prestipino Group we love to feature great luxury condos in Miami’s booming urban district. Today we want to show you six amazing condo units for sale in Brickell this week. Check them out!

Condo units for sale in Brickell

Two bedrooms

Brickell City Centre is a great location for Brickell condos for sale due to the two tower complex, Reach and Rise. A corner condo unit is currently available that showcases the city with floor to ceiling windows. On the 33rd floor the view of the city, ocean, and river below is amazing and gives a unique living opportunity high above the Brickell neighborhood. This Brickell condo for sale is in a prime location and is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the city from the center of the action.

SLS Brickell is another luxury residential building that offers high rise Brickell condos for sale. This particular unit is a sky residence with unobstructed views and a large private balcony. Situated below the penthouse level this Brickell condo for sale provides stunning outdoor space, a modern layout, and luxury amenities for a quality upscale living experience. The unit is designer ready and has beautiful waterfront views visible from the main living areas.

Three bedrooms

brickell condo for sale

The Bond offers a ultra luxurious resort style living experience and this Brickell condo for sale is a unique penthouse opportunity. The resort style amenities like a pool, spa, and fitness center provides an inclusive living experience beyond your unit. The penthouse has an amazing view of the city skyline and is a great location for exploring the Brickell neighborhood.

ICON Brickell is a modern luxury living residential building with a Brickell condo for sale that is designer inspired and move in ready. The unit has been renovated to match the modern decor of the building and has a direct bay view from the main living areas. This Brickell condo for sale comes with three parking spaces and can be furnished if desired.

brickell condos

Brickell Heights West offers the best of Brickell with a corner Brickell condo for sale that showcases the city and water beyond with floor to ceiling windows in the main living areas. This unit is also unique in that it has three master bedrooms, each with their own en-suite bathroom and a master walk-in closet. Everything has been upgraded from the flooring to the appliances, providing a Brickell condo for sale with a modern and luxury living experience.

1010 Brickell is in the heart of Brickell with construction completing by the end of the summer 2017. This building offers Brickell condos for sale with spacious layouts and private entrances. The luxury amenities round out the inclusive living experience 1010 Brickell provides for each unit.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions about condo units for sale in Brickell!

condos currently available for sale

What Are The Best Brickell Condos Under $1 Million?

The best Brickell condos for sale under $1 Million are in three of the top luxury residential buildings in the Brickell neighborhood. Rise at Brickell City Centre is in the middle of the bustle in Brickell with close proximity to shopping, dining, and nightlife. SLS Brickell has access to a VIP beach and provides a complete resort style living experience. 1010 Brickell has amazing luxury amenities and doubles as residents’ private sports and social club. It’s clear that the best Brickell condos for sale offer luxury living and upgrade any lifestyle.

Rise at Brickell City Centre

The two bedroom Brickell condo for sale in Rise is a great blank slate for anyone to customize and design to their liking. The white and neutral color scheme balances the view and open layout nicely. This unit has a great cityscape view that brightens up the main living areas. The bathrooms are like personal spas and there’s a good balance of entertainment space and private living space. The amenities in the building range from a full service spa and outdoor fitness area to a library, business center, and full concierge. The Brickell City Centre is a prime location for enjoying Brickell from shopping to dining and is the heart of the neighborhood. This location is highly sought after making these condos desirable and quite the luxury in town.

SLS Brickell

brickell condo under million

Another neutral Brickell condo for sale is this three bedroom unit in SLS Brickell. The modern layout offers plenty of entertaining space and great flow between the kitchen and main living areas. The view showcases the the skyline and bay with a wrap around private balcony and wide interior windows, an accent that shows off the corner unit location. This unit has neutral and natural accents in the flooring and kitchen area which allows fo

r customization and personal design or a minimalist aesthetic. The building also offers luxury amenities such as a rooftop pool, spa, and fitness center which provides everything a resident could need at home and beyond.

1010 Brickell

best brickell condos for sale

For the ultimate luxury living experience the units at 1010 Brickell are some of the best Brickell condos for sale. The amenities are luxurious from the sports and social club to the rooftop pool, walking trails, and children’s waterpark. Each residential unit has a great view of the cityscape below and an open layout with modern accents and upgrades. The private terrace gives each resident private outdoor space and is an amazing way to enjoy the city.